The End Of Alice



From the 2013 Orange Prize–winning author of May We Be Forgiven.

Only a work of such searing, meticulously controlled brilliance could provoke such a wide range of visceral responses. Here is the incredible story of an imprisoned pedophile who is drawn into an erotically charged correspondence with a nineteen-year-old suburban coed. As the two reveal—and revel in—their obsessive desires, Homes creates in The End of Alice a novel that is part romance, part horror story, at once unnerving and seductive.

My Take:

This one is dark and perverse. I almost didn’t bother with it. But I’m glad I did. The darkness doesn’t scare me as much as the idea that characters such as these exist in the real world. If you prefer a good, clean story with a happy ending, The End of Alice is not for you. If, however, you enjoy a deep character study, here’s an ideal read that will leave you feeling filthy and in need of a shower.

We have a nameless repulsive pedophile narrating parts of the story from his cell at Sing Sing prison. The second voice comes from a nineteen-year-old female college student in the depths of an overwhelming obsession with a preteen boy. These two troubled individuals converse via letters; she for advice, he for that sense of living vicariously through her—while awaiting a parole hearing. These characters represent a reality we all would rather keep hidden in the nation’s closet. Read the reviews on this one before you commit to reading it. The reviews run the gamut and are each honest in their own way.

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2 thoughts on “The End Of Alice

  1. This sounds exactly like my kind of book. I love reading things that really get up under your skin. Those uncomfortable feelings books can create just fascinate me. Is this the type of thing you typically read, or is there a different style you prefer?

    Great article too by the way.

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    • I did enjoy this book, which is why it’s listed here. But it is quite dark. This is certainly one that will get under your skin and maybe even make it crawl a little. Great authors can do that. As for my preferred style to read, if it’s a good story, I’ll read it–regardless of genre. Thanks for commenting.

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