The High Road: Memories From A Long Trip



What drives a man to spend 26 years performing night after night? To persevere through a stifling tour bus, bad food, strange women, flared tempers, a plane nearly blown from the sky? Just how did that troubled military brat with a dream claw his way from dirt-floor dive-bar shows to the world’s biggest stages?

Aviator, author, and Country Music Hall of Fame drummer Mark Herndon lived that dream with one of the most popular and celebrated bands of all time. He learned some hard lessons about people and life, the music industry, the accolades and awards, how easy it is to lose it all . . . and how hard it is to survive, to embrace sobriety, to live even one more day.

Herndon’s poignant memoir offers a tale at once cautionary and inspirational, delightful and heartbreaking, funny yet deeply personal. From innocence to rebellion to acceptance, can a man still flourish when the spotlight dims? Are true forgiveness, redemption, and serenity even possible when the powerful say everything you achieved somehow doesn’t even count? That you’re not who you and everyone who matters thought you were?

Mark Herndon refuses to slow down. So look back, look ahead, and join him on the trip.

He’s taking The High Road.

My Take:

Mark Herndon played drums for the country band Alabama for nearly thirty years. So imagine his surprise when the three founding members of the group (all cousins, mind you) decided that he never really was an actual member. This despite the fact that the man appears on pretty much every one of their album covers over the years. He’s there in the videos as well. And let’s not forget he’s been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as a member of, yes, Alabama.

You’d think Herndon would be bitter, having given so much of himself to this popular act. But that’s not his style. As the title suggests, Mark Herndon took the high road in telling his story. This memoir is really about his life, with glances inside the fame machine.

Herndon is a talented drummer, a father, a licensed pilot, and an author. He got his start as a heavy metal/hard rock drummer before getting the gig with the then-unknown Alabama. It was his sound that gave the group that little something extra that made them stand out from all the other country bands.

From what I’ve heard and read elsewhere, Herndon was the nice guy of the band, always staying late to sign autographs and meet fans. The others, according to many fans who’ve met them, had egos or attitudes. I’ve never met them, so I really can’t speak to that. What I can say is, this is one of the better memoirs I’ve read in a long time. Herndon is one of those guys who just has an interesting story to share.

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