Dance of the Lights



Frank relishes fast success and early retirement–until the monotony turns to boredom and loneliness thrusts him into a desperate struggle to protect the people he cares about most. Beverly thinks moving south will mark a new beginning, but consuming grief steals control of her own destiny and threatens her very survival.

All twelve-year-old Kevin wants is attention from a man he can respect, yet tragedy proves even that might never be enough.

Together they must discover their own brand of unexpected love, a promise forged in adversity, enduring through loss, and sustaining that infinite potential to achieve more than any one person can alone.

Through it all, they’re teased by the mystery of those dancing lights, a million pinpoints in every imaginable color swirling into images of extraordinary lives, their brilliance whispered in the simplest truths as they discover new ways to teach us all.

My Take:

This is one of those stories that grabs the reader from the opening chapter and leads us on a wild ride. A young boy loses his childhood to the darkness of a family life gone askew. A young woman just beginning her journey loses her life in a tragic accident. Enter the mysterious lights that strengthen those left behind. These lights appear to restore those who have been lost. But is this really her?

Author Geez touches on some dark issues in this incredible story, including abuse of children and the elderly. But this one doesn’t leave us feeling hopeless or worn down. The writer weaves enough light into the story to keep readers turning the pages in search of the truth about those strange lights. Is there really a way to return from the dead? You’ll have to read it for yourself!

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