Fantasy Patch



Picture This! Danté Roenik creates ad campaigns, reveling in the fine art of rendering his concepts on million-dollar canvasses financed by big-budget clients. Intoxicated by the sheer power of directing public opinion, he dares wage war against the conglomerate behind a worldwide anti-depressant increasingly associated with sporadic violence. To juxtapose his images with reality, he enlists a mixed palette of business tycoons, his fiancée/attorney, a team of corporate-spy soldiers of fortune, one resurgent news anchor, and the best TV-production crew in Chicago. But the sharp lines dividing perception from truth begin to blur when the darker motives shaping mass media come to light. Forced to re-examine the ethics of designer pharmacology, Danté is painted into a corner, his future about to be erased as patients die, clients lie, and unhealthy doses of murder prove too hard to swallow. Too late to whitewash the stain of deceit, Danté must decide who deserves to appear in his picture, the true subject an unfinished self-portrait way past its own deadline. It’s not what you see, not what you get . . . But all you could ever imagine. Let Danté show you how . . . With a Fantasy Patch!

My Take:

Fantasy Patch by author Stephen Geez is another of the few indie books I really enjoyed. This is the second Geez novel I’ve read. The previous one, while an excellent story, could be a little slow at times. However, this one is all action from the get-go. Geez is a skilled storyteller, to be sure. He’s also brilliant at creating believable characters that really jump off the page.

Mr. Geez adds elements from the real world into his story, and makes it seem as if Danté Roenik is somebody we’ve seen on the evening news, exposing the evil deeds of Big Pharma and the corporate empires. If you enjoy action, intrigue, and reality in your stories, get this book.

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