Gates of Erebus: Dark Paranormal Short Stories



Gates of Erebus: Dark Paranormal Short Stories is a collaboration of some of the best indie authors from around the world. All proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to a global charity. Our first charity is Reading is Fundamental.

Herein are the tales of a mother condemned for witchcraft; a demon who shows up in the oddest of places; a soldier who leaves you wondering who really is the monster; a crumbling mutant and a would-be assassin; a murderous imp and a story darker than a murderer’s heart; one man’s escape from Hell and the hell hounds that pursue him; a house haunted by more than just ghosts; a supernatural race born to keep the world of good and evil in balance; the devolution of the human race; and Death takes a wife.
Dream Weaver Novels has gathered some of the world’s best indie authors to bring you this dark anthology. So, grab your hot chocolate (or coffee) and your fuzzy warm blanket, and sit back and relax with these tales of horror…oh, you might want to check the locks on all your doors and windows first!

My Take:

This is an incredible collection of dark, haunting, short stories by some skillful storytellers. And the fact that all the writers collaborating here are indie authors. They do the indie world proud. There are monsters and vampires and those who dabble in witchcraft. The darkness seeps from each page, spooking and daring the reader to continue on.

There’s a recipe for chicken soup that can conjure a demon—but once that demon appears, it cannot return to hell without taking a soul along.

A person sentenced to death for the charge of practicing witchcraft. But who ie the innocent one here, accused or accuser?

A bloody murderer meets his own demise, and readers will be surprised how it all plays out.

The skill level here is well above average. Some of these tales verge on brilliance. Beem Weeks, my favorite indie author, contributed a fantastic piece called Demons. This dark tale centers on two young girls who find the courage to camp out on Halloween night in an abandoned farmhouse that thirty years earlier had been the site of a brutal mass murder. With Ouija board in hand, the two girls begin their search for the ghosts of the family that had died in the house. What they found was something even more sinister than the departed looking for revenge.

Most of the stories contained here are worthy of readers attention. If the dark and unknown are things that tantalize you, get Gates of Erebus today. Simply a fun and spooky read.

Grab a copy of Gates of Erebus: Dark Paranormal Short Stories


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